UB40 - Don't Break My Heart - Heart Shaped Vinyl Record 1985

UB40 - Don't Break My Heart - Heart Shaped Vinyl Record 1985

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Individual piece of vintage vinyl art featuring UB40s Don't Break My Heart on the Virgin label. Mounted within a black wooden box frame and raised from a pearlescent red  base, but you can choose your background colour if you prefer. 

The frame measures 25cm x 25cm (9.5 x 9.5 inches). 

I produce similar pieces from other artists on 7 inch vinyl, so please see my other items and maybe create your own gallery of vinyl art!. I also take requests! So if it's a song that's special to you - your first dance or the music that was playing when you first met and would like an individual gift commissioned, please contact me.

These pieces are made from vintage singles hand-cut and sourced by myself. There will normally always be visible wear and tear from being played such as scuffs to the vinyl and marks to the labels. This adds to the authenticity of the piece. Now, cut into novel shapes you can now appreciate not only some of your favourite records but now as a piece of individual art. Please note vinyl style of label may change slightly depending on availability when sourcing the record.

International customers please note, delivery via airmail via the UK may take up to 15 working days.